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Shattered Axl

External Services:
  • shattered_axl@livejournal.com
-Basic Information-

Character Name: Axl
Character Type: Main
Place of Origin: AU post-X8 universe, pre-Command Mission

Armored Description: Axl has black boots and arm pieces over a light gray body suit, both with decorative red stripes. His chest armor is also black with gold and red accents, and a large blue jewel sits squarely in the middle. His helmet is black and red and also bears a blue jewel above his forehead, and the ear pieces are predominantly white with a red stripe and a gold tip each. When wearing armor, he is 5'10" tall.

He is equipped with dash and hover systems and has a pair of handheld blaster pistols that are capable of continuous fire. As he fires these guns, they charge up slightly until they release a higher powered shot every eighth shot. Both guns are equipped with the Copy Shot ability, which allows Axl to harvest the data he needs to copy another reploid - at the expense of the reploid's life.

The Copy Shot is not the only way that Axl can copy someone. If he can get direct access to a reploid's internal systems, he can interface and retrieve the data manually without killing the reploid in question.

Unarmored Description: When out of armor, Axl appears to be a sixteen year old boy with a messy shock of orange hair. He has green eyes and a large, X-shaped scar on the bridge of his nose. Without his armor on, he is 5'6" tall.

-History and Personality-

Passing for Human [nonhumans only]: Axl can pass for an anatomically correct human unless scanned or someone touches him with enough pressure to feel the mechanical structure beneath his synth skin. Not even Axl knows why he was made to resemble a human so closely, but given his ability to copy the appearance and abilities of other reploids, one can theorize that his creator meant him to be able to blend in to either reploid or human society. His armor is removable both manually and with an automatic storage and recall system.

Relationship to Nonhumans [humans only]: N/A

Backstory: After the events of X8, Axl was taken to get the damage Lumine had done repaired. Unfortunately, not everything could be fixed. All of the copy data he had previously gathered during the last two wars was permanently lost. Other than that, he seemed to be fine.

However, undetected by the scans, the damage had affected parts of his personality, moral, and ethical programming, twisting his views and motivations, even going so far as to change how he felt about his friends. While the ties of friendship are still there, he has become far more interested in how he can use those ties for his own amusement or benefit rather than being friends for the sake of friendship.

Outwardly, he pretended to be the same as always, with a cheerful, "go get 'em" attitude, a cocky sureness of his ability, and an eagerness to help. The point was, after all, not to let anyone suspect that he was behind the recent rash of missing or tampered data and equipment, "unfortunate accidents," and the occasional prank.

One day, though, one of his more harmless pranks backfired. He had impersonated one of the tech people and had tampered with the teleport system the day before, setting it to teleport the next person who used it to a random location. He'd had no idea that the teleporter would not be used until the next day when he, X, and Zero were called to respond to a report of Maverick activity. In fact, in all the rush to get there, he'd completely forgotten that he had tampered with the teleporter at all. It was just his luck that when the three of them were teleported to their destination, the teleporter decided that he was the "first" one to use it.

And that was how he ended up in Reality Vanish.

Personality in a Nutshell: On the outside, Axl seems to a confident, cocky, and eager young Hunter with a bit of a playful streak. He tries to maintain a kind of "who me?" innocence, using it to worm his way deeper into other people's trust and help divert suspicion away from him. Under the surface, though, he enjoys manipulating and deceiving people, not at all minding the chaos, frustration, and pain that his actions sometimes cause them.

A secret vice of his, one that he has taken great pains to hide from the Hunters, is taking pleasure in forcibly opening up unwilling or unwitting victims and interfacing with their systems to steal the copy data he needs to impersonate them, then wiping the event from their memories - or killing them, if he is unable to do that.

Disclaimer: Axl is the property of Capcom. I do not own him. This is just a roleplaying journal and is for the sole purpose of amusement and pretendy fun-time games.